We can usually find an existing design when you need something that is a little different. This eliminates the initial tooling cost for our customers and also reduces the waiting time for the tooling to be made. However, if close is not close enough, then we can go that extra mile and produce your very own hang tab, designed and manufactured to your exact specification.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many Hang Tabs Do I Need To Buy For a Custom Made Design?
As a guide, your order will need to exceed 50,000 parts.

How Much Does Tooling Cost?
Rotary Tooling is charged at cost, this ranges from £ 1,750.00 up to £ 3,750.00 for more intricate designs.

How Quickly Can I Have Delivery?
For non stocked hangers for which tooling already exists you can expect delivery in 7-14 working days. If you are having a tool made then you can expect delivery from 14-28 days. This lead time really depends on the capacity of the toolmaker and our own manufacturing capacity.

What Are Your Hangers Made Of?
Our standard hangers are made from recycled PET known as RPET. This is a recycled plastic that is kinder to the environment than the more traditional PVC. At the moment we tend to only offer PVC for unusually thicker hang tabs.

Bespoke Hangtab Solutions

Call 01440 765 512 To Discuss Your Bespoke Solution
Orders exceeding 500 Rolls will be processed through our parent company;